Clay Brick Sizes

Clay Brick Sizes

There is a rough arithmetical relationship of length to width of 2:1 and length to height of 3:1 in the standard or Imperial brick. This proportion allows neat and even bricklaying.

Nova Brick manufactures to the standard size which is 222mm long x 106mm wide x 73mm high.


The general rule for bonding in brickwork is that no two rows of bricks should have the perpends line up vertically. Following this rule ensures that any force that might be acting on a brick, such as the force of gravity or the weight of another object, are distributed evenly throughout the entire brick structure. By distributing the forces, it ensures that the structure will remain stable.

There are basically three different bonds that are used in modern building construction.

English bond

Alternate layers of stretcher and header courses – bricks placed with one row of the long side facing out, followed by one row of the shortest side facing out

Flemish bond

Alternate stretchers and headers in the same course – bricks alternating the long side and the shortest side

Stretcher bond

Layers of stretchers – bricks placed with the long side facing out, overlapping at each row)