Balebogeng Primary School

Balebogeng Primary School

Balebogeng Primary School was founded in 1956 during the previous dispensation and serves the community of Mamelodi East, Ward 33.

“The need for a media centre was brought to our attention by an former pupil involved with projects in the local community,” reports Nova Marketing Director Gunther Greun.

“In discussions with the principal it was established that two existing class rooms was converted to serve as the school’s library and computer facilities, which meant that on average between 60 and 65 pupils are accommodated  per class room (as per principal).

“We see this as an investment in the future generations,” he says.

Nova Brick proposed as a Local Economic Development (LED) project to assists Balebogeng Primary School in constructing the infrastructure for the New Media Centre which would host the library and science facility.

A meeting was held with members of the City of Tshwane, DMR, Balebogeng principal and Nova Bricks on the 30 November 2016. This was to establish if such a project would fall within their department mandate as a possible LED project. Possible resistant points such as community and Department of Education approvals as well as furnishing of the centre was raised. These were addressed by the principal in subsequent meetings with parents, funders and written approval and plans was obtained from the Education Department. This proposed project was finally approved by the DMR in late 2017.

Tender invitation was send out on 5 April 2019 and subsequently a local resident construction company Mohlamonyane Business Construction was appointed.   The director Mr Samuel Mohlamonyane attended Balobogeng as a pupil, and he assured that only local suppliers, tradesmen and laborers would be contracted for this LED project to support job creation in the area.

The construction team quickly sped into action.

“Ground breaking took place in June 2019,” concludes Gunther, ” and it is with great pride that we can report our project at Balebogeng Primary School was successfully completed in a few months, with the official hand-over taking place in November 2019.”